Next Gen Compost portal launched on AgInnovators

22 November 2016

At the beginning of November 2016, a group of 80 Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) members and industry stakeholders visited the Local Land Services Demonstration Farm in Richmond. There, they learnt about the launch of the Next Gen compost project portal on AgInnovators – a site that promotes sustainability and new technology in agribusiness. 

A screenshot from the Next Gen compost project portal on

David Eyre, General Manager, Research & Innovation at NSW Farmers explained how AgInnovators is promoting the Next Gen project and other recycled organics projects.

 “We want farmers to understand the importance of sourcing products that meet the Australian standard for compost used in food production and which have the right nutrient profile to achieve the desired yield for their particular soils and crops.”

David said that the project had coined the term ‘next generation’ composts to describe new products made from recycled organics that are tailored to the commercial needs of agriculture.

The Next Gen portal includes fact sheets, news stories and videos about compost in agriculture, including content for Asian growers in both Mandarin and Cantonese.  It also links to AORA, Compost for Soils, Soil Wealth and other key portals about recycled organics.  

Learn more about Next Gen here. 

“Our field work has shown that augmented composts can achieve great results for growers.  The challenge for the industry is making it easier for farmers to source suitable products at prices they can afford,” David said.

He said that a central aim of the Next Gen compost project is to encourage dialogue between farmers and compost manufacturers and that AORA can play a key role in helping to identify and solve practical commercial issues.

“Farmers need confidence regarding the product they receive – its maturity, nutrient status, the absence of contaminants and so on.  At the same time, makers need to be able to achieve viable price points and volume of sales.  Our project is helping farmers to appreciate the benefits of using Next Gen composts, which will help to build demand and willingness to pay for tailored products.”

Next Gen Compost is a two-year project commenced in 2016 aimed at increasing the use of compost made from recycled organics waste in commercial vegetable production.  It is led by the Greater Sydney Local Land Services in partnership with NSW Farmers and the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF). The project is funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority under its Waste Less Recycle More Organics Market Development Grant Program.

AgInnovators is an initiative of NSW Farmers. It has a global audience and is supported by key bodies including CSIRO, leading universities and government departments that provide innovation programs.  

The Next Gen project portal is a subsection of the AgInnovators site.  

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