AORA NSW Leadership Award winners announced

5 December 2016

AORA NSW Leadership Awards 2016

Caption: Tony Emery, Soilco; Garry Kimble AORA NSW; Anthony Collins, Parramatta City Council; Paul Lamble, Lake Macquarie Council; Gerard Young, Lake Macquarie Council; Greg Horvath, Lake Macquarie Council; Norman Marshall, Australian Soil Management; Peter McLean AORA (on behalf of Lismore City Council).

The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) NSW Division is pleased to announce the following award winners of the AORA NSW 2016 Leadership Awards, which were held on Friday 2 December in Pyrmont, Sydney.

The awards celebrate the achievements of the recycled organics industry in NSW under four categories which acknowledge local government, industry development, agriculture, and amenity.

Award winners:

Outstanding local government initiative in organics collection/processing or marketing

Lismore City Council – Biocycle Compost Facility

Lismore City Council is demonstrating state of the art organics collection and processing. Kerbside organics collections, including food, from Lismore and surrounding councils, is processed using a new MAF (Mobile Aerated Floor) system. Implementing this technology has been supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More Infrastructure grants program. In return, they welcome the opportunity to display their progress and communicate the benefits of the technology to a much wider community.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Outstanding contribution to industry development

Tony Emery and Garry Kimble

Tony Emery and Garry Kimble have made an outstanding contribution to the review of Australian Standards, AS 4454 - Composts, soil conditioners and mulches and AS 4419 - Soils for landscape and garden use. As Chair of Standards committee CS-037 Garden Soils and Potting Mixes, Tony steered the committee through four years of very difficult negotiation to achieve a workable, useful, and highly regarded standard. As drafting leader on CS-037, Garry made a huge contribution to finalising the document over the four years of the revision process. Both are currently involved in similar roles on CS-037 for the revision of AS 4419.

Compost user demonstrating innovation and advocacy in Agricultural Markets

Australian Soil Management

Australian Soil Management has looked to an innovative solution to the threat that African Lovegrass poses to agricultural productivity in the Snowy-Monaro region. Traditional control methods are proving ineffective, but using compost to improve soil conditions and moisture retention, enables more palatable species to outcompete Lovegrass and reverse the monoculture that was threatened by the infestation of Lovegrass. Use of locally produced compost in this application diverts organic material from local landfill. NSW EPA supports this project, as part of Waste Less, Recycle More, funded from the waste levy.

Compost user demonstrating innovation and advocacy in Amenity Markets

Parramatta City Council

Parramatta City Council has improved the condition of its playing fields, gardens, and parks by increasing organic matter in the soil, improving soil nutrient holding and water holding capacities, enhancing soil microbiology and reducing the use of chemical fertilisers by using the garden and organic waste generated in the municipality. The closed-loop system involves the green waste materials collected by Parramatta City Council being processed by SUEZ at its Eastern Creek composting facility and being returned to Parramatta City Parks and Gardens as custom designed products to enhance the city’s public spaces and green areas.

HIGHLY COMMENDED | Compost user demonstrating innovation and advocacy in Amenity Markets

Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council is providing improved sports field amenity by implementing a renovation program using compost made from green organics. This program not only provides increased longevity and reduced maintenance requirements of the public use playing fields but beneficially reuses green organics and assists the council to achieve its sustainability targets.

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