Organics - Waste Less, Recycle More 2017-2021

The NSW EPA organics unit is currently planning for the next four years, following the allocation of an additional $35.5 million to the Organics Infrastructure Fund under the Waste Less, Recycle More extension 2017-21.

The new funding will bring the total investment in organics in NSW to $100 million over the nine years and it will once again target the diversion of food and garden waste from landfill, tackling it at every point in the cycle.

Following full evaluation and refining of the organics grants programs to date, the extension funding will roll out after July 2017 and will continue support for prevention, through Love Food Hate Waste, improved collection services, increasing processing capacity, food donation infrastructure and organics market development.

Opportunities to increase skills and knowledge of the industry will also be introduced with the rollout of Organics Industry Training, an online course that is currently being developed with the support and input of AORA and local government.

The $35.5 million under Waste Less, Recycle More 2017-21, funded through the waste levy, will be allocated as follows:

  • $5 million          Love Food Hate Waste grants and program
  • $14 million        Organics Infrastructure grants
  • $10 million        Collections grants
  • $4.5 million       Organics market development grants and program
  • $2 million          Food donation education

Grants outline

Collections (opening in March 2017) – managed by the Environmental Trust. With $10 million over 3 rounds across three streams, including pilots of multi-unit dwellings and business collections.

Infrastructure (opening approximately September/October 2017) – managed by the Environmental Trust. There will be $14 million over three rounds, and four streams (Streams1 -3 will be the same, Stream 4 will be equipment to improve product quality).

Market Development (opening approximately October 2017) – $4.5 million, grants managed by the NSW EPA. An estimated $1.5 million will be directed to program delivery, education, and contamination reduction.

Food donation (opening approximately October 2017) – $2 million, managed by the NSW EPA.

This is an exciting time for both the EPA, and the organics recycling industry in NSW over the next four years. So how can we support you to best get there by 2021? Let us, or the EPA know.